Business Language Training

Yellow Hub provides quality and specialization in business language courses. We are committed to offering you:

Personalised solutions
Timely course content and materials
Excellent price-quality ratio
Excellent ROI

The platform: MY COURSES

For the HR Manager: this interface allows registered clients and their HR Managers to log in with a personal password to monitor the progress of all their courses regardless of their location.
The HR Manager can download these documents:

  • Attendancy Report
  • Training Flow (initial assessment and training path for each student or group)
  • Tutoring Report
  • Final assessment with progress achieved, issued at the end of the course

For the student: this is the interface for online tests (which are always followed by an additional oral test, either face to face in the classroom or over the telephone). Students can also fill in the Needs Analysis form to specify personal language learning and communication needs.