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Yellow Hub provides customised training paths to help client companies ensure that staff can guarantee quality international communication. Learning is motivated by objectives common to both company and personnel. Our integrated training program emphasizes the use of the target language at all levels, from beginners up. Our lexical approach utilizes effective and spontaneous student interaction that improves listening and fluency through the use of authentic audio-visual materials and role-play simulations.

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Starting point: Needs Analysis

First off, we schedule a meeting with the business manager or the HR Manager. This is the first step in designing a customised, all-inclusive service for the client. We want to know what linguistic abilities the company needs from its staff, how much it plans to spend, and how much time they want to allocate to reach the desired results.


 A Range of Course Options


The advantages of working with us:

  • Personalized needs analysis: The specific language needs of the participants are identified through an online needs analysis which enables easy access, anytime and anywhere. The questionnaire is then submitted to the company’s HR manager for verification and approval.
  • The course syllabus: Even at beginner level, our course syllabus is based on issues and situations typically experienced at work.
  • Favourable course location: Both individual and group courses can be organized anywhere to meet a company’s time and work constraints. They can take place both in our offices or in company. In addition to Milan, courses can also be held in other Italian cities with planning and monitoring from the Milan office.
  • Integrated training mix: Each individual training path can be integrated with business communication seminars and full-immersion sessions utilizing simulated meetings, presentations and negotiations, phone coaching. computer assisted language coaching and study abroad immersion courses.
  • Didactic parameters: We use the European Framework, from levels A1 to C2



Course monitoring is essential for companies that want a high return on their investment. We have established an iron clad quality assurance program that monitors progress throughout the entire training program:

  • Progress testing: Periodic progress testing and a final assessment ensure that the student is moving towards the established goals.
  • On-site monitoring: We periodically monitor the progress and quality of the program throughout its entire duration and place monitoring reports at the disposal of the company’s HR manager in the protected area of our website.
  • Attendance reports: A monthly attendance report is provided for each student or group. Excessive absences are highlighted so that either the company can take corrective action, or so that learning goals can be adjusted.

and our workflow complies with UNI EN ISO 9001, EA37 standards !