Italian for Foreigners Desk

Io parlo italiano!


Are you or your employees relocating to Italy? Does your company do business directly with Italian companies? Then let us help you open the door to to the language of Italian business by giving you the skills you need in Italian. Expats or foreign professionals who move to Milan for work can choose to continue to use English as their work language, but to really experience Italy, you need an Italian language course with  YELLOW HUB.   Typically, our clients for Italian language courses are:

  • Foreign companies with Italian branches, which also host managers and technical staff from the parent company who need to maintain relationships with Italian personnel.
  • Italian manufacturing companies that hire foreign personnel, who need to understand instructions for work and safety.
  • Organisations working in the healthcare sector, where foreign staff interacts with Italian patients. In this case, patients and staff come from different cultures and traditions.

Relocating to Italy also involves coming to grips with the culture of your new place of work. We therefore encourage cultural awareness training in conjunction with our business language training courses. Cross cultural training has become standard best practice policy for today’s most successful international companies and a must in today’s global multicultural business environment. Our language courses are integrated with sessions dedicated to Italian culture that can help you: 

  • overcome linguistic inhibitions
  • learn basic concepts for structured, fluent communication
  • recognise judgmental stereotypes
  • avoid intercultural conflict and use potential differences as springboards to common goals

We can organise intensive, semi-intensive or long term courses of Italian language for individuals or groups, depending on how long the student(s) plans to be in Italy.