One-to-One Coaching Desk


Business people and professionals have particular schedules, needs and language goals that require personalised courses. Your course plan will fit the particular time in your career or interpersonal relationships.


An in-depth needs analysis and individual training program with clearly established goals, as well as carefully planned and scheduled courses, are the basis for our one-to-one programs for managers. Before the training begins, you can tell us about your goals (a move abroad, an upcoming meeting with an international partner, or a job interview in another language). This information will allow us to design a suitable training plan and timeframe. 


The next step is to assign you a Language Coach. The teacher becomes a “personal language trainer” who guides you through the learning process and trains you on how to deal with actual meetings and work relationships. 
Your trainer will choose the most suitable type of course and materials for you with the help of our Director of  Studies, and you can work together in a confidential environment, where motivation and empathy are key. The teaching method will involve a blend of the most effective techniques for individual coaching: face to face, telephone or video lessons, or intensive sessions. 

The Language Coach will help you improve many aspects of your use of the foreign language, including the following:

    To eliminate repeated errors acquired through wrong application.
    Training to use typical formal and informal business expressions.
    To finally learn the right way to write emails and clear, concise reports without making grammatical errors.
    To communicate effectively. In a professional meeting, being able to use a common language is a determining factor for earning trust.
    Training to achieve ease in the use of the language: a matter of personal satisfaction and security.

Pronunciation, vocabulary, writing, expression and fluency are fundamental concepts for feeling at ease in any occasion where there is contact with international people, and the pressure that derives from spontaneous conversations in a real setting.

In addition to personalised Face to Face training, you can also choose to add training packages during the time in which you are attending the course, or even after you finish. Our packages, Telephone or Video Lessons with the U.S.A. , one or more sessions of Terminology for your sector with a Glossary included, and even a study trip abroad can complete your language training.


Language can boost your performance and be a springboard for achieving your goals:

We are with you!