Study Abroad


dreamstimemedium_33014705 Yellow Hub’s integrated corporate language training programmes include courses at foreign schools. We arrange these study trips to allow our students to consolidate their foreign language skills by combining occasions to actually practice the language in real situations with opportunities to learn about the local traditions and customs of the country where that language is spoken.

In this way, participants get first-hand exposure to cultural diversity in the country of the language they are studying: this type of awareness is very important in the workplace.

Intensive Courses

Yellow Hub organises intensive courses at foreign schools with which we have agency agreements. We have chosen to work with these schools for their specialisations, reputations, geographical positions and additional services. When planning your course, we examine the needs analysis form you filled out when you began your personalised training programme, and we choose the school that offers the type of course that would best fit your language training needs.

The Advantages

  • We only work with the best schools in the world.
  • You would get the same price if you booked the course directly with the school.
  • All your bookings can go through one office – ours.
  • Your course abroad will be well integrated with your personalised Yellow Hub training programme.
  • If you like, your booking can also include lodging in a hotel or another type of residential building.