Language Services

Translating corporate documents, legal papers, contracts, technical manuals, computer programs, web pages and communication is not simply a matter of “translation”. It can get quite complicated.

Managing multilingual projects in different formats requires a technical approach to translation and correct terminology for the specific domain, process traceability, consistency, resources from all over the world, CAT and localisation tools, and Quality Assurance organisation.

One Desk for each Domain

Each Project Manager handles only the types of documents that belong to a specific domain, in view of the content and purpose of the project. He or she works closely with the Sales Manager to meet the client’s requirements, both in terms of final quality and budget.

The platform: My Translations

This interface allows registered clients to monitor their orders with Yel­low Hub: PO number, date (day/month/year), client cost centre, name of contact person, date of delivery, and date of invoice.

It’s a convenient tool to access and keep track of your translations.


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