Audiovisual Translation

Audiovisual Translation Desk




Concepts such as “digital marketing” and “multimedia presence” lie at the core of the current business culture for every company that wants to become fully functional in an increasingly globalized market. This is why most information, also for the B2B sector, is conveyed through multimedia content. No matter whether companies deal with production or commercialization of capital or consumer goods, they use YouTube and videos to introduce themselves to possible international clients or to demonstrate how products and services work.

Yellow Hub has taken up the challenge launched by the new means of mass communication. We have increased our range of professional services to include audiovisual translations through our Multimedia Translation Desk.

Aware of how important specialization is, Yellow Hub set up this specific Desk to carry out subtitling services, a complex form of translation consisting in the written adaptation of oral content on an audiovisual format.

The subtitling service can be used to produce advertisement videos, business and commercial presentations, interviews, tutorials, on-line courses, and technical information videos, such as assembly instructions and explanations of machine function and maintenance.

The subtitling process has a structure of several phases, starting with a preliminary listening and transcription step to turn the audio track into text. The following step concerns the actual translation work, during which format-specific rendition strategies are applied. Space and time constraints imposed by the audiovisual format are fundamental aspects and must be considered. Our subtitlers will also adapt video content to the exact needs of the target language and audience. Particular attention will be paid tothe reading speed, a language-specific feature, and to the speaking characteristics of the talking head.

The use of specialized software is fundamental for setting up subtitling projects, as well as for creating high-quality products that meet the demands of our clients.

Every project is carried outin compliance with our customer service standards, which include quality, fast delivery, accuracy, confidentiality, and competence – all of which are guidelines of Yellow Hub’s business ethics.