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Globalisation, with the growing interaction with emerging countries, is bringing interpreting services into a central role in international relations. 
Yellow Hub’s interpreters are all mother tongue speakers of their language (including Russian, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, and Portuguese) and for all sorts of needs, accredited according to our UNI EN ISO 9001 compliant selection, ranking and qualification system.
Our interpreters’ approach is in line with Hub principles of competence, reliability, confidentiality, punctuality, service and attentiveness to the client.

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Yellow Hub and its interpreters are with you.

Commercial negotiations,
training courses,
corporate negotiations
meetings with notaries public and accountants

Don’t wait until the last minute to set up interpreting services! Contact us as soon as possible before your event to get special conditions, a quote for the right price, and the most suitable interpreters.

On request, Yellow Hub can provide turn-key management of an event, which can include: conference planning, installation of interpreting equipment and booths, sound technicians, headphones and other accessories.


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