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Red arrow on business graphThis desk is an access point for law firms, banks, financial analysts and CFOs, who are always abreast of financial news and immersed in the global scenario of developments, acquisitions, transfers, financial negotiations and contracts with legal implications.

Quality and competence are absolutely necessary in the legal and financial translation field, in particular when translating annual, interim and  quarterly reports, which in provide accurate financial information and also identify, with how they are written, the company’s style in relating to its stakeholders. These documents are powerful messages that can foster trust in clients, suppliers, investors and foreign partners and generate a sense of belonging and pride in the staff of the foreign offices.

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Annual Report + Interim+ Quarterly Reports

Our analysis tools let us offer a premium package at special rates for clients who, due to the nature of their business (foreign investors or companies listed on the stock exchange) are interensted in translations of their reports.

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This Desk also helps over 300 international law firms. Our main goal is to help them produce translated and sworn documents with the flexibility and speed necessary to manage urgent situations. We provide deeds translated and sworn in court or by notaries public, and also documents with apostilles, in the period of time set by the courts without losing the level of quality required. Quality is ensured by our knowledge of comparative law, the legal system, court procedures, legal terminology and legal writing style.

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