Legal and Sworn Translation Desk

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The main goal of Yellow Hub’s Legal Translation Desk is to provide specialist multilingual translations for international law firms. We ensure extreme flexibility and high professional standards because we pay attention to the many different elements that make a difference in this area. 

When you contact our Desk, you find a project manager who will listen to you and know where to find the best resources in the field to finish your project with the timing and necessary characteristics that you require.

 The translators for this Desk are selected for their years of experience and competence in:


This Desk is a preferred resource for over 300 law firms that depend on us for translations of legal documents and contracts. Our confidentiality policy prevents us from posting the names of our clients on the web, but references are available on request.

  •           Banking and real estate law
  •            Labour, fiscal and tax law
  •            EU legislation and international law
  •            Family law, Private law
  •            Corporate law, bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings
  •            Antitrust law
  •            Intellectual property
  •            Litigation and arbitrations

 All work that we accept is protected by internal procedures to ensure confidentiality, which are required by the ISO 9001 standard, in addition to specific confidentiality agreements. 

Documents are translated and sworn in court or before notaries public, or stamped with apostilles, in the period of time set by the courts or notaries, without losing the level of quality required. Quality is ensured by our knowledge of comparative law and legal terminology, format and writing style. 

Sworn and legalized translations with our court-approved legal experts 

You need a partner that you can trust to take care of your multilingual tax, legal and insurance documentation on a regular basis, or even just from time to time. If you have not yet had the chance to get acquainted with us, we look forward to finding out what we can do for you. 

Our clients can request a password by phone or email to access our exclusive platform, My Translations, at their convenience to monitor their translation order history, complete with order and delivery dates and the person who requested the translation. Lastly, our law office clients appreciate the fact that we can issue the invoice directly in the name of the client who commissioned the work from them, and is therefore responsible for payment. 


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