Translation of contracts: is it really all translatable?

Contract law permeates the whole life of the companies that maintain economic, corporate and cultural exchanges. There is no transaction between organizations that is not covered by contract law.

Contracts represent a milestone in the regulations of relations between companies and particularly with companies of different countries. A good contract is one that clearly describes the exchange in question and also addresses the possible complications/implications that might arise during the performance of the exchange. Taken that for granted, it stands to reason how a TSP company like YELLOW HUB, which deals with the translation of business documents, the translation of contracts accounts for a high percentage of the projects allocated to us by clients. But the whole thing is not as simple as that.

One of the differences among the various countries is that of their legal systems. As a consequence, the use of contractual terms may bulge into a jungle of  terms and concepts even if the pillars are roughly identical. For this reason we can reasonably garantee that – for the translation of any type of contract – will provide skilled resources and native translators with experience in the legal field and that our translators will interpret and translate the contents of a contract using the official legal terms but – in case there are no specific references – translations will be done using more general references, possibly giving account that an exactly corresponding reference is not available.

The contracts we deal with are mainly:

  • Cooperation agreements between companies (eg joint ventures, consortia, etc.).
  • Distribution , agency , franchising, consultancy contracts etc..
  • Tenders, subcontracting, sales conditions
  • Factoring and Leasing contracts. Bank contracts
  • Leases and real estate acquisitions
  • Company acquisitions or business units merging
  • Outsourcing and other contracts relating to computer systems of companies
  • Licensing of trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights
  • Sales and acqui­si­tions
  • Spon­sor­ships