Marketing – Advertising Translation Desk

Have you ever thought about the right way of talking about your company and your products in a foreign country? 
How would your words be interpreted? 

You should present yourself on a foreign market with a creative multilingual vocabulary of carefully chosen words and custom-planned slogans.

You’ll strengthen your image, and your business too.

Let’s see what you’ll find at this desk:


Some of
our clients
of this desk


You’ll see, when you call the project manager of this desk, that we are EXTREMELY curious. We could ask you how you set yourself apart from competitors. Or which style you prefer for your sales approach to German customers. In other words, do you like the register of your German competitors or do you prefer the personal approach that you use in Italy? Which market segment does your advertising campaign need to reach?
It’s true: at first, these questions can seem a little prying, but sometimes they are vital for hitting the emotional bulls-eye of your communication target.


What happens when you’re almost in the final publication phase and you want to add a new language to your website? The translation will be done in record time, quality guaranteed. Do you need something proofread right now? We can handle that too.

Many Languages

This desk, amongst all the others, is the one that manages the most languages. Would you like to publish a catalogue in twenty languages all at the same time? RIGHT NOW?? WE CAN DO IT! …CONTINUED…

A Variety Of Content

Advertising is everywhere. However, mainly luxury goods and just a few other sectors have built their images on a solid platform that includes corporate image and vision underpinned by creative language. …CONTINUED…

Globalise It

Today, the buzzword is:transcreation.
We can’t ignore it.It’s really very simple: press and advertising campaigns, brochures and catalogues, leaflets and newsletters, websites, scripts, and pay-​​offs are all transcreated every day. This means that there are one or more linguists that examine your advertising message and think about DIVERSITY. This concept is applied to all sorts of categories: diversity of people, cultures, ethnic groups, and manners. Diversity factors should not be neglected, and must be understood if you aspire to create agreements, respect, interest and empathy. We are all swimming in the same global fishbowl, but we see things very differently depending on our DNA, our history, and the depth at which we usually swim in our fishbowl. We have to consider this if we don’t want to swim alone.