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Life-science draws more and more attention, resources and commitment at the international level.
Life-science operators are involved in improving the quality of human life thanks to research projects that technology turns into increased life expectancy and life standard  improvement opportunities. From medicine to pharmacology  and environment, from food to cosmetics, research is at the basis of all sectors and is constantly bringing to the forefront processes and products that allow large corporations to meet new challenges and for new  high-profile  companies to start up and thrive.
Among Yellow Hub’s clients in this field are universities, pharmaceutical companies worldwide, agricultural fertilizer manufacturers and highly innovative companies that deal with the testing of new drugs and companies who design and put on the market bio cosmetics.

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Yellow Hub provides translations to companies dealing with translation projects related to biotechnology, waste disposal, water treatment.
In addition to the translation of company procedures and policies related to the assessment of the level of risk of products and production processes, Yellow Hub has been translating a remarkable amount of words of technical description related to projects related to electricity and heat systems powered by anaerobic digestion of waste and biomasses (language combination Italian to English)
In the field of waste disposal by incineration Yellow Hub has translated dozens of volumes of technical documentation describing 12 waste incineration plants of West Germany  (language combination German to Italian).

Medicine – Alternative medicine –

Starting from the Regulation on Biomedicine was enforced by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, much time has passed and Biomedicine, together with nuclear physics, propose to implement earlier and more accurate diagnosis, more targeted and effective therapies which allow medicine to explore new frontiers of knowledge and treatment.
In this field, Yellow Hub has been providing multilingual translation projects  concerning presentations, user manuals and maintenance instructions for electro-medical equipment and analytical instruments, medical and surgical devices, personal protection equipment, clothing and sterile kits.

Pharmaceutical industry

For the pharmaceutical industry, Yellow Hub, in addition to a steady translation work on information leaflets, has been translating clinical studies and abstracts, standard operative procedures for clinical trials. Best practice guidelines for research institutes,  SAE reports (Serious Adverse Events), Investigator Notifications (IN) and Development Safety Update Reports (DSUR), drug customs declarations and pharmaceuti­cal literature (language combination Italian to English and vice-versa).


Conventional versus  biological processes in agriculture has been a core issue at the debate emerged from Expo 2015 which was dedicated to “Feeding the Planet .”