Technical Translation Desk

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Yellow Hub has been providing technical translations for 30 years: attention to detail is our main concern.

Preliminary Work:

Alignment of previously translated documents – definitions of brand terms and corporate language to fit target countries – creation, authorisation, and sharing of the terminology database.


Some of
our clients
of this desk

Project Management

  • Profile of the project in terms of quality and quantity
  • Setting up CAT-tools: translation memories, concordance and term checker, match accuracy analysis, repetitions, translation memory maintenance
  • Format analysis, attention to tags, software localisation
  • Choice of the type of service and level of quality, in agreement with the client, depending the target destination of the document. Types of services are: postediting, translation, translation + quality assurance process.
  • Project analysis for graphic layout and publishing: Adobe Indesign, Framemaker, Quarkxpress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Pagemaker, etc.
  • Analysis of resources (flexible team of translators and revisers) depending on: linguistic combination (source and target languages, knowledge of content, experience, ability to use the formats, availability in relation to the deadline).
  • Preparation of an all-inclusive offer, considering both the service requested and the client’s budget
  • After confirmation of the project, assignment to the different resources, integration of services, activation of the password to enable the client to access the MY TRANSLATIONS platform.
  • Monitoring of the project during the different work phases.
  • Quality check before delivery.


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