Yellow Hub at the LuxExpo and Oekofoire exhibitions in Luxemburg

Friday, 7 October 2016

Yellow Hub
Our specialized translation services for the visitors of the luxury and alternative energy trade shows

Between 23 and 25 September, Luxembourg hosted the biennial exhibition Italia Dimensione 2000 and the annual edition of Oekofoire at LuxExpo.

Luxembourg as a country counts about 500,000 inhabitants, with a capital city accounting for 100,000 of them. A small country located in the heart of Europe enclosed within the wealthy triangle that touches London, Milan and Luxembourg itself Thanks to its political stability and to the continuity of economic policies, with a 12.7% rate on social contributions, Luxembourg has become one of the most attractive places in Europe for investments. Moreover, 46% of its residents are foreigners. Many Italian companies took advantage of this situation, which is ideal for development. During this Exhibition, Yellow Hub had the pleasure to meet the Finance Secretary Pierre Garamagna, who highlighted the importance of Italian companies in Luxembourg and of their growth. Considering that Luxembourg is a bi-lingual French- and German-speaking country (a Luxemburgish language exists too, but it is seldom used in the business sphere), the new Italian companies need to translate their company and communication documents into these two languages. The main industries represented by Italian companies in Luxembourg include food and agriculture, automotive, design, communication and world-class logistics.

The Government is concentrating efforts on the development not only of the financial (and legal) sector, which is already a pillar of the country’s economy, but also of manufacturing companies, especially in the field of smart materials, healthcare and environmental technologies.

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