Who we are

About us

Yellow Hub is an evolution of “Servizi Estero”, which was founded in 1982. We’ve decided to change the company name to YELLOW HUB and keep the yellow logo to express our pride in our history and show the second generation’s faith in the company. Yellow is the colour of the sun, which reminds us to always be positive. The word HUB, which means “focal point, centre around which things revolve, meeting point, centre of activity or exchange”, is a perfect metaphor for our core business. Combining our yellow logo with the word HUB creates a positively dynamic image. It’s what we’ve become, and sets the new direction for our future.

Our History

Looking back, it’s easy to see how our milestones reflect the condition of the Italian economy during those years, and how our services evolved to meet the business world’s changing needs.  CONTINUED…

Our Hubs


Many companies are certified. Some decide to do it because “it’s required to submit bids for tenders”  and others just want to “find new customers ”. Yellow Hub is certified because “we think it’s the right thing to do”.

 UNI EN ISO 9001

We have been certified under the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard since 1996. The certification process and annual and three-year inspections by the certification authority, ANCIS, have transformed the way we work during these many years, although adapting to the standard and procedures was difficult at the outset. The process has gone from being perceived as a limit to being accepted as a formidable guarantee of quality, because each person is respectively both supplier and client in relation to the functions that he or she deals with. The system defines responsibilities, prevents errors, implements corrective measures and makes sure that errors aren’t repeated. It brings the whole company, including external resources, to focus on the client’s satisfaction. Both the Language Services and the Business Language Training areas of the company are currently certified UNI EN ISO 9001, with the extension EA37 for training programme design.



 UNI EN ISO 17100

The company is also certified under the European standard regulating the requirements of translation services. With this accreditation, Yellow Hub guarantees quality in managing translation projects and that the profiles of all resources involved in each individual translation project conform to specific parameters regarding education, years of experience, professional expertise in a specific domain.



 UNI 10574:2007

Quality in interpreting services
Yellow Hub is certified under the standard UNI 10574:2007 on Interpreting Services, which guarantees a high level of quality in providing the different types of interpreting: simultaneous, consecutive, chuchotage,  and negotiations.


Organisation model Ex 231

Yellow Hub has adopted the Ex.231 system for transparency in working relationships with the public administration.






European Framework

When providing language training services, the company refers to the parameters set by the Council of Europe to define skills and measure the level of learning. The EF parameters allow us to uniform the results of individual training paths even though courses are personalised to fit the participants’ needs, professional profile, and personal development goals.